>>= Hired for a Libre Software Project

The Catalyst Cooperative helps climate researchers close coal power plants, so that they can be replaced with renewable energy. They collect public utility data and identify coal power-plants that cost more to run than replace. Their projects has six months of grant funding, and they have contracted me to help them complete the work.

Yes, I’m excited about that.

The grant deadline is April 30, 2020. By that time, I hope to accomplish two things.

  1. At minimum, see to it that the team delivers the work as promised.
  2. Help make the work financially sustainable.

Achieving the first goal is straightforward. They promised to prepare certain software and data. I’ll help prepare that software and data.

The second requires a good deal of learning. I’ll be reading what I can from gurus like Seth Godin and instigators like Katie Patrick.

As I learn about what works, I’ll share.