>>= Can Libre Software help us change what wealth means?

Libre Software ought to be about more than protecting the rights of individual users. It should also ensure a future of human liberty and prosperity. I want to work on Libre Software projects that create freedom and wealth.

It is important to be clear about what wealth means. It can not mean mean large corporate interests extracting resources, corrupting democracy, and exploiting desperation. It can not mean people desperately jockeying for a position in society against automation and other, even more desperate people. It can not mean short term, me first thinking. Instead, wealth must mean creating a society where humans can belong and thrive. Wealth is our desire and ability to take care of one another.

I would like to develop a working, repeatable business model for Libre Software developers based on that understanding of wealth. I would like to write and support Libre Software for people and organizations that are already operating on that understanding.

I am not so enamored with this idea that I would want to forgo a sustainable living, but if I can make it work then it will be the focus of my career, at least until it takes a life of its own.